Since 1997, Indiana LASIK Centers (ILC) have provided tens of thousands of patients with freedom from their glasses and contact lenses. In early 2017, I was asked to help design materials in support of ILC’s Celebrating 20 Years Of Lasik campaign. My first task was to create two sets of window cling banners located at the entrance and exit of the facility. As part of the 20-year celebration, ILC rewarded each new Lasik recipient with a promotional gift each month throughout the year. Because the windows in which the banners were located on was divided into two, I was able to create a design that required only one of the panels to be replaced each month as opposed to all four. This in return helped ILC use the money saved from the window banners on other support for the campaign. Other materials created for this campaign include social media ads, custom Snapchat filters, and a digital billboard placed along the Indiana Toll Road.