The Stoli® Group was established in 2013 and is responsible for the production, management, and distribution of SPI’s global spirits portfolio. Mainly known for the Stolichnaya® Vodka brand, The Stoli Group has expanded its portfolio in recent years to appeal more to premium, sophisticated global consumers. Brands included in The Stoli Group’s portfolio include Kentucky Owl Bourbon, Bayou Rum, Cenote Tequila, Elit Vodka, and SeBusca Mezcal

Below is a collection of assets I’ve designed for multiple brands within The Stoli Group portfolio including interactive training modules, brand presentations, e-newsletter templates, and an LMS interface design.

All work created for The Stoli Group was completed under my current employer, LABOV.

Creative Director: Marcus McMillen
Art Director/Designer: Matt Hakey
Copy Writer: Tamzen Meyer

Stoli interactive training module

Kentucky Owl interactive training module