A wine destination with an adventurous spirit. Vinland Reserve Winery was established in 2022 by several entrepreneurs looking to make a splash in the local wine community. Seeing the rising support for the wine industry in the region, the group was inspired to further invest in the community by building an extraordinary winery in a picturesque setting that would appeal to wine enthusiasts and beyond.

The inception of the Vinland Reserve Winery logo and branding was inspired by a central theme focussed on the Northeast coastal region of North America where vikings once explored. The logo mark, while simple and elegant, portrays an adventurous feel by implementing viking-like elements to tell the story of their voyage.

All work created for Vinland Reserve Winery was completed under my current employer, LABOV.

Art Director/Designer: Matt Hakey
Account Manager: Sara Petrie
Copy Writer: Tamzen Meyer